The food industry allows consumers to find the nourishment and flavors that they desire. Food manufacturers have different concerns and considerations than restaurants that serve hot meals. Food packaging is especially important in the manufacturing division of food service. These are five types of food packaging equipment that can increase the efficiency and food safety of your food manufacturing operation:

1. Fillers

Many products are sold by weight to give customers a consistent purchasing experience. Weigh fillers can quickly and easily fill bags, cans, and boxes with the appropriate amount of dry goods. Gravity fillers are ideal for dry goods that are free-flowing, such as coffee beans and many types of pasta. Foods with a tendency to stick together, such as granola and some types of candies, can be packaged using weigh fillers with additional vibrating functions to ensure even distribution.

2. Check Weighers

Weigh fillers fill packages according to weights determined by the manufacturer. When accuracy is of critical importance or when packages are filled manually, manufacturers may want a way to check the final weights of products. Check weighers are ideal machines for this use. Check weighers feature scales with high accuracy to ensure that no package is overfilled or underfilled. Packages with incorrect weights will be automatically rejected to streamline the food packaging process for your employees.

3. Metal Detectors

Customers trust that their food suppliers will furnish them with high-quality products that are safe to eat. To keep your customers' trust and avoid legal troubles, it's important to ensure that your products are free of dangerous contaminants. Metal detectors designed for food service use can detect the smallest slivers of metal in wet and dry goods. A metal detector will ensure that in the unlikely event of metal contamination, an unsafe product will never make it past your assembly line.

4. Sealers

Package sealers allow food manufacturers to maintain the freshness of their products. Sealers come in several different designs to serve many functions. You can find cup sealers to seal plastic and cardboard containers. There are also sealers designed to apply adhesive to cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

5. Vacuum Packagers

Vacuum packagers can extend the shelf-life of your products. These packagers remove excess air from containers before creating a heat seal that can be broken by your customers upon purchase. Vacuum packagers can be used to create packaging for meats, cheeses, dry goods, and other perishable items. 

For more info about food packaging equipment, contact a local company.