If your child has been struggling in a particular class and has recently pulled up their grades, you may be inclined to reward them with a sleepover. Make the evening a success by obtaining a selection of movies and by ordering pizza from your loved one's favorite pizzeria. Your child and their guests can enjoy a movie marathon and a variety of piping hot pizza and side dishes.

Prepare The Selections, The Menu, And The Invitations

What movie genre does your child enjoy? You may want to ask them so that the movies you rent will go over well. Of course, you can finalize the selections and sway them from choosing movies that are a little too violent or designed for a mature crowd. Next, it is time to select the types of pizza and appetizers that will be offered to all their guests.

Some of the kids may be picky eaters or may be allergic to specific ingredients. For these reasons, you should order a wide range of pizzas. If you would like to allow the children to customize their slices, allow your child to select a couple of pizzas that contain the toppings that they prefer and choose to order several plain pizza pies.

If you buy some separate ingredients from a grocery store, the children can pick and choose what they prefer and place the toppings on the slices that they are going to consume. Make a grocery list that contains mushrooms, pepperoni, peppers, ham slices, and any other ingredients that you plan on offering.

Next, buy or make some invitations and include information about the party. Request that a parent or guardian of each child responds. 

Rent The Movies And Order The Food

Rent the movies a few hours before the party will begin. Set up your living room so that it can be used for viewing and dining purposes. Perhaps, you can place chairs in a row and have a table moved alongside the chairs so that the food can be spread out across it. Place stacks of disposable dinnerware on the table.

Order the pizza and side dishes, right before the guests are due to arrive. Once the pizzas are delivered, spread them out along the table and put the store-bought toppings into bowls. After the last guest has arrived, welcome everyone and tell them that they are to help themselves to the food items, prior to sitting down and watching the selection of movies.