From fine dining establishments and ordinary restaurants to bars and nightclubs, bartenders are professionals that are in high demand in a lot of cities and towns across the country. If you have a passion for serving up drinks and a knack for working in a high-energy environment, becoming a bartender may very well be something that you are interested in doing in your career. However, not everyone makes a good bartender; there are actually certain qualities that the best bartenders possess. Take a gander at some of the qualities you are going to need if you are serious about finding bartender jobs. 

You must possess good people skills. 

If you are not so great with people, being a bartender is probably not going to be a good experience. These professionals are oftentimes the primary face of a business, which means customers will turn to this professional before they go to anyone else, and this professional is expected to respond in a friendly, approachable manner. You will need to be good with customer service, have no problem with interacting with people of all types and personalities, and be able to respond aptly to different customer scenarios and situations. 

You must be able to work at a fast pace. 

Imagine this scenario: you are behind the bar in a busy establishment. The guy at the end of the bar requests another beer, the couple seated front-and-center is waiting for their drinks, and someone else approaching hollers out that they need another mojito. On top of this, you have to wipe down the bar because someone spilled their shot, and the peanut bowl is running low. Sound like a lot? This is a typical scenario for some bartenders on a busy night, so you must be good at maintaining your composure while under pressure and working with a sense of urgency. 

You must be good at serving drinks. 

Yes, customer service is important as a bartender, but it is also just as important that you are good at what you are there for: to serve drinks. The best bartenders know a lot about mixing drinks without having to reference anything. They also know how to recommend a good wine, beer, or drink according to customer taste preferences. And, these professionals will have the ability to serve up whatever drinks are requested in a seamless fashion without making a huge mess, making customers wait too long, or getting confused. 

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