If you're concerned about the ants that have made their way into your home or yard and are equally worried about the use of harsh chemicals, including insecticides around your kids or pets, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that cornmeal is a safer way to get rid of those painful and unwanted creatures. The same is true if you are plagued by weeds in your garden. Therefore, if you're looking for safe ways to replace some of the chemically-based items in your home and wouldn't mind saving some money while doing so, it's best to be aware of the options discussed in the following sections.

Get Rid Of The Uninvited Guest...The Ant

Given that few people enjoy the presence of ants in and around their home, it is not surprising that there are many different ways that you can kill the tiny creatures. Unfortunately, most of those options can also have a negative impact on your pets, neighborhood animals that wander through your home and even children who might unknowingly put the poisonous items in their mouths. Obviously, those poisonous items should be avoided if possible and used under controlled circumstances if they do need to be used.

Cornmeal is effective at killing ants because while they love its taste and take it home to share with others, they cannot digest it and eventually starve to death or explode. That means that cornmeal is not like a spray or a fogger, in that it takes a while to kill the ants, but does so in a safer and cheaper way.    

Weeding Out The Weeds With Cornmeal

Unless you enjoy spending hours on the weekends pulling out ugly weeds from your yard or you like to tempt fate with the use of potentially dangerous herbicides, you should consider opting to include cornmeal in your yard care regime. It is important to note that as with using cornmeal to get rid of ants, it is not an immediate process. However, it is unable to address the weeds that already exist, so you will still need to remove them by hand for a while until using the cornmeal starts to pay off. 

Cornmeal kills weeds by stopping the seeds that grow into weeds, or other plant life, from developing. Unfortunately, the affected seed could be a hearty weed that you have been attempting to excise for years or it could be a seed that should have grown into a prize-winning begonia. As a result, when sprinkling the cornmeal in an area, you'll need to be very careful when doing so and allow for the possibility that the wind could transfer the cornmeal. Alternatively, you could opt to enclose the treated area securely on all sides, which would permit you to address specific areas of the yard each month, season, etc. without fear of cross contamination. 

In conclusion, cornmeal is a versatile item that can safely replace some of the based chemically-based products you may use on a regular basis. As a result, every thrifty and informed shopper should consider the above facts when determining the safest and cheapest ways to get rid of ants and kill weeds.